Community Wildlife Habitat


Moon Township Joins Movement to Become a Wildlife-Friendly Community

Moon Township, March 17. 2023 – The community of Moon Township is launching a new partnership with the National Wildlife Federation’s Community Wildlife Habitat™ program to become a healthier, greener, and more wildlife-friendly by committing to create wildlife habitat throughout its communities while also educating and engaging residents.

Healthy habitats and healthy communities go hand-in-hand. Too often communities are suffering from pollution, disinvestment, or other challenges that separate people from the natural world. When human communities suffer, wildlife suffer as well.

“By joining the National Wildlife Federation’s Community Wildlife Habitat program, Moon Township is sending a clear and powerful message to communities all over America that people working together can create healthy habitats and healthy communities and make a difference in their own community and beyond,” said Patrick Fitzgerald, Senior Director of Community Wildlife.

Moon Township is taking steps to meet the requirements to achieve this certification in areas of outreach, education, and more. Residents of Moon Township can help by certifying their own gardens and yards through the Certified Wildlife Habitat program. Schools, businesses, churches, and HOAs are encouraged to participate in this exciting venture as well. Each residence and organization that is certified will help the Township reach its goal. Additionally, the Moon Township Environmental Advisory Counil is encouraging residents to join the Pollinator Pathways program. Moon Township’s efforts with pollinators and the Community Wildlife Habitat program will work hand in hand preserve and enhance the green spaces of our community.

“We are excited to start this certification process,” says Lisa Shaughnessy, Youth Program Coordinator for Moon Parks and Recreation. “We have already begun projects in some of our parks, like converting lawn areas to meadows with native plants, as well as nature programming for ages 3-12 and our annual Earth Day event. All these efforts will be essential to reach Community Wildlife Certification, which we hope to complete in 1-2 years.”

Since 1973, the National Wildlife Federation has provided millions of people with the basic guidelines for making their landscapes more hospitable for wildlife. To date, through the Certified Wildlife Habitat™ program, the National Wildlife Federation has certified more than 250,000 sites including yards, schools, businesses, community gardens, parks, and places of worship. Each of these sites provides the four basic elements that all wildlife need to thrive: food, water, cover and places to raise young, while integrating sustainable gardening and landscaping practices.

To become certified as a National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat™ Moon Township is calling on its residents to certify their own property at and join our education and outreach efforts to learn about how residents can create a healthier, greener and more wildlife-friendly community.


Certify your yard, garden, property or outdoor space today!