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Moon Park Pavilions

Located in Moon Park: 1350 Ewing Road, Moon Township, PA 15108.

General Rental Information

2023 Pavilion Rental Season: May through October - Available 7 Days a Week

NOTE: 2024 Pavilion Rentals begin in February 2024 (more info available in December 2023)

General Availability for Weekends and Sold-Out Weekdays:

September: Sold out on all Saturdays and Sundays.
October:      Pavilions available on all weekends.

Rental Process: 

Please call 412-262-1703 X404 (T-TH) for availability and to make reservations.  If your pavilion/date is available, paperwork will be emailed to you for completion.  Once paperwork is completed and returned to us, an invoice will be emailed to make payment via debit or credit card. After payment is complete, the permit will be sent via email.  Appointments may also be made for in person reservations and/or to make payment with cash or check. To qualify for the resident rate, you must provide proof of residency in Moon Township, sign the agreement, and make payment. Rentals cannot be made in another person's name to get the resident rate. All agreements, payments, and communications must come from the resident.  

Additional Rental Information:

Rental Hours: Rental permits are issued for the day with the hours of 9a.m. to 11p.m.

Clearview Federal Credit Union Splashpad Operation: Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend from 10am-2pm and 3pm-7pm

Amenities: All pavilions have electric, access to water, horseshoe pits (Falconi and Rotary pavilions only), and at least one grill.

Tobacco Free: Moon Township parks and playgrounds are tobacco free zones.  Please see the Tobacco-Free Resolution for more information.

Alcohol Beverage Clean-Up Permits: Alcohol Beverage Clean-up permits are available to purchase for $30.00. 

Fees/Deposit: Deposit ($100) and fees are due at the time of rental.  Deposit is in addition to fees. Monday-Friday are weekday rates. Saturday & Sunday are weekend rates.

Deposit Return: If the rental agreement criteria is satisfied, the deposit will be returned to the credit card used to pay the deposit or by check in the mail within approximately six (6) weeks after your rental date.  Failure to follow the rental agreement criteria may result in the loss of deposit and ineligibility to reserve future pavilions.

Rental Agreement - Please see the rental agreement below for additional information on rentals.  Rental reservation forms are emailed once availability is confirmed. 

      Rental Agreement 



Pavilion Map



Brewer Airport Toyota Pavilion


Capacity:            60 persons     

Tables:                At least 12 8-foot standard picnic tables provided.

Moon Resident: Weekend (Sat/Sun) - $70.00
                            Weekday (Mon-Fri)  - $30.00

Non-Resident:   Weekend (Sat/Sun) - $125.00
                            Weekday (Mon-Fri)  - $55.00


Falconi Pavilion

falconi pavillion

Capacity:            75 persons     

Tables:                At least 14 8-foot standard picnic tables provided.

Moon Resident: Weekend (Sat/Sun) - $85.00
                            Weekday (Mon-Fri)  - $30.00

Non-Resident:   Weekend (Sat/Sun) - $140.00
                            Weekday (Mon-Fri)  - $55.00

Eaton Pavilion (Formerly Saturn Pavilion)

saturn pavillion

Capacity:            75 persons     

Tables:                At least 14 8-foot standard picnic tables provided.

Moon Resident: Weekend (Sat/Sun) - $85.00
                            Weekday (Mon-Fri)  - $30.00

Non-Resident:   Weekend (Sat/Sun) - $140.00
                            Weekday (Mon-Fri) - $55.00

NOTE:  This pavilion is in close proximitiy to the amphitheater, which may be in use during your rental. 
Please see the Moon Park map above for details.


Clearview Pavilion

clearview pavillion

Capacity:           100 persons     

Tables:               At least 16 8-foot standard picnic tables provided.

Moon Resident: Weekend (Sat/Sun)  - $110.00
                            Weekday (Mon-Fri)   - $55.00

Non-Resident:   Weekend (Sat/Sun) - $220.00
                            Weekday (Mon-Fri) - $85.00


Rotary Pavilion

rotary pavillion

Capacity:           150 persons     

Tables:               At least 22 8-foot standard picnic tables provided.

Moon Resident: Weekend (Sat/Sun)  - $165.00
                            Weekday (Mon-Fri)   - $55.00

Non-Resident:   Weekend (Sat/Sun)  - $275.00
                            Weekday (Mon-Fri)  - $85.00

Robin Hill Center

Photo Credit: Veronica Varos Photography


Robin Hill Park Photo Gallery

Located in Robin Hill Park: 949 Thorn Run Road, Moon Township, PA 15108.


General Rental Information

The Robin Hill Center (shown in the picture above) is available for rental of weddings, reunions, graduation parties, showers, birthday celebrations and other events. Rental includes use of the first floor (two seating areas, kitchen, enclosed patio area) and basement areas (including a space to get ready for weddings) of the building as well as outdoor spaces behind it (i.e. patios, lower lawn, and Fleur de Leune garden).  A gazebo is also available for use with an add-on rental fee. 

Time - The center is available to be rented for an eight (8) hour consecutive period between 11 a.m. & 11 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.  Rental time must include time for setup (tables/chairs, etc.), tear down (place center’s tables/chairs back to original location), and clean up (remove rental equipment/personal belongings, and bag garbage) by the renter.  Saturday renters have the option to add on a Friday evening rental from 5pm-9pm for an additional fee.  Additional time may also be requested on Saturdays and Sundays for an additional fee. 

Capacity - In accordance with Fire Code, maximum capacity for Robin Hill Center is 110 persons, however seating and indoor use of the facility is most appropriate for 75 persons and under (Approximately 60 people in the main seating area and 15 in the side seating area).  Larger seating capacities can be accomodated with an indoor/outdoor or fully outdoor event setup.  Please inquire for additional rental details and restrictions regarding these options.  All Township ordinances must be followed.  

General Renter's Responsibilities - Renters are responsible for setting up, planning, decorating, tearing down, removing personal belongings/rental equipment, and bagging garbage within their scheduled rental hours. 

Fees - Fees are listed in the document linked below. To qualify for the resident rate, the renter must provide proof of residency in Moon Township, sign the agreement, make all payments, and be the primary point of contact for the reserved event. 

Detailed rental information including fees: Rental Information, Rules, and Renter Responsibilities

Date Availability

Reservations may be made up to one year in advance to the first business day of the month and are initiated via phone.  Please see the section below for timing details to make a reservation for October of 2024.  For any rental months prior to this, please call 412-262-1703 X404 (T-TH) for availability. 

The first day to make reservations for October of 2024 will be Monday, October 2, 2023.  Beginning at 8:30a.m. on October 2nd, please leave a message at 412-262-1703 Ext. 404 indicating the date that you would like to reserve.  Callbacks will be made on October 3rd in the order of messages received from October 2, 8:30a.m. and on.

Rental Process

If your date is available and you would like to proceed with renting the center, paperwork will be emailed to start the process.  Once the paperwork is completed and returned to us, a payment link will be emailed to make the deposit payment of $300.00 (in addition to fees) and is necessary to secure the request for rental. Should there be damages; the deposit will be used for the repair.  If damages exceed $300.00, the renter will be charged accordingly. If all conditions are met in the agreement, the deposit will be returned.


The Robin Hill Center is available to view by appointment only.  Give us a call at 412-262-1703 (x404) Tuesday through Thursday to schedule a rental tour.    


For more information, please call 412-262-1703 X404 or email